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Try again so soon?

Guy and I had decided to wait a while before starting the process. We have no cash flow and the only way to afford to pay yet another 10k or more is to wait and save some money or to sell some very low-priced stocks and take a loss (a big one). Emotionally, we both feel drained.

It is a strange feeling for me, somewhere between anger, melancholy, lack of any motivation (you should see the kitchen) and the strange surreal feeling of being back to my normal routine. Its not that I'm depressed really, or is that depression?

Several mothers have come up through our facilitator who are willing to consider gay and lesbian couples.

I thought Rosie's interview last week might open a few soon-to-be mothers to the option :).

But we are so drained...

Still, there is one mother in Washington, she has signed an irrevocable relinquishment of parental rights and the father has none (some strange Louisiana/Washington laws). A daughter, premature, born the 8th. African-American though very light skinned (does that matter really? Should it? Why is there a spark in me that says it does somehow, I wouldn't have written it it didn't, would I? There is a strange thing that should be a topic of an entry!)

So many questions. How do interstate adoptions work, yet another complication? Can we have our homestudy complete? How premature? What are Washington's laws, would only one of us be on the papers (opposed to a California agency adoption where both could be listed as the legal parents)?

Well, we decided to present our profile to the mother. Let the 'fates' decide.

There was another mother too, baby born soon, mother still married, no prenatal care as yet, husband denies its his, ..... deja vue, we won't be having the our profile sent to her.

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